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Welcome to Seaside Realty

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Fun Things to Do at the Beach in the Fall

One look at our beach cam and you can see that it is pretty quiet at the beach this time of year.  Quiet doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of fun to be had.  Locals know it’s a great time of the year to do some of our favorite activities.  Parking is free and there are plenty of things to do no matter what your age. 


Want to go for a bike ride?  Guess what?  The time restrictions on the boardwalk are lifted in the winter which means you can bike from one end to the other any time of day and no need to bob and weave in and out of the crowds.  Plus, there are plenty of great places to stop along the way for a bite to eat and a drink.


If fishing is your thing, then you have come to the right place.  Just pick your spot and cast your line.  The fish are yours for the taking.


How about the perfect Fall picnic on the beach?  Fill your thermoses with seasonal hot beverages, pack some delicious snacks and sandwiches, grab your beach chairs and blankets and get ready for a great day at the beach.  The kids will love flying kites, building sand castles and scavenger hunts with the whole beach to themselves.


Turn your picnic into a marshmallow roast with a bon fire.  Call the town for the specific requirements then grab some friends, some hot dogs, s’mores and drinks and enjoy a night on the beach.


Of course after having all that fun you might want to think about coming back for the Summer.  Good news!  We are open all year, so stop in to see us or give us a call.  We can help you find homes to rent or buy.  We look forward to seeing you any time of the year.

Christie touts Post Sandy recovery

Like you, our home has been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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We Can Help!  Call 732-793-5200

• Everything starts with your present elevation. We have partnered
with a local, and reliable surveyor that can quickly provide the
needed elevation certificate.
• We are working with other reliable, home lifters/movers,
masons, carpenters, architects etc, that can streamline the process
of get you back into your home quickly.
• Some elevations may reduce your insurance cost.
• Smart decisions now should = value later.
• In recent years we have brokered over

Check the Local Area Info on our site for a list preferred local contractors.

220 Million Dollars in Real Estate Transactions at the Jersey Shore.





 We can help. If you are Selling, Buying or Renovating we can help.  Contact us for a free consultation. 


Michael Loundy, Broker, Seaside Realty